Have the Chinese found a way to break encryption

Posted on 10th January 2023

A recent scientific publication from Chinese scientists claims to have found a way to break current encryption using early quantum computers. It should be noted that the paper does not disclose if they have achieved that milestone.
If this is true (as they say in the Financial Times article, big if) then governments and companies that value the security of their communications and data should be looking more urgently at how to protect the same both in motion and at rest. Even if it is an exaggerated claim, there is little time to get Post Quantum Safe (PQS).
The US government issued House Resolution 7535 at the end of 2022 requiring reporting on Post Quantum preparedness. In their 2020 whitepaper on Quantum Cryptography the UK'S National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) estimated that 'quantum computation must be considered as a significant threat' although also stating at that time that the expected arrival date of the first cryptographically significant quantum computer was 2030. This is the genesis and driver for the so-called Store Now, Decrypt Later (SNDL) attacks that have been hitting the headlines over the past 12 months. It would seem that decrypt later might be much closer than we think.
Currently, Mercury Workspace is the only Unified Communications and Collaboration platform on the market that is Post Quantum Safe. Working with large and small organisations, government, and private sector, to allow secure communications, unlimited size file transfer and PQS data storage, it has become clear to us at AWC that the time to act is now.
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Don't just think your data and communications are safe, know they are.
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